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Chinese Government Agency Signs Charter Contract

A historic air
charter contract was signed between Fauve Intertrade Corporation, a global
airline management company based in the U.S., and China International
Travel Air Limited, a subsidiary of China International Travel
Service Holdings, to begin the operation of scheduled tourism
charters to all of China’s approved international tourism destinations. Fauve Intertrade Corporation is a joint-venture company formed between
Agra Holdings USA, LLC, and Asia Aircraft Services with a capitalization
of $1.5 billion in assets. “This contract is the first of its kind that
will encompass China on a national basis and is expected to generate well
over $1 billion in revenues over a three-year period,” says Chung Leik
Kok, CEO of Fauve Intertrade Corporation.

Fauve Intertrade Corporation maintains its management office in Durham,
North Carolina, and will be opening offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok,
Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and New York. China International Travel Air
Limited was formed by China International Travel Service Holdings with the
objective of establishing, developing and maintaining a leadership role in
China’s outbound tourism business. They intend to control a major share of
the market through the marketing of dedicated aviation projects.

Fauve has signed agreements and contracts enabling it to provide charter
management and travel consulting services to the aviation/tourism trade
industry in China and the Asia-Pacific. Its international tourism charters
will be on a scheduled basis from China to East and Southeast Asia,
Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and in the near future, the United States.

Fauve has been positively acknowledged by the Chinese Government as an
airline management consulting business organization with full linkage and
operational interest in Asia. “At this time, Fauve is heavily negotiating
with several major airline carriers. We will be scheduling a press
conference with members from CITA, CITS and U.S. Government
representatives, to be held in Washington, D.C., and Beijing, China, in
the coming weeks,” says Oscar C. Fields, CEO of Agra Holdings USA, LLC.

Constant business growth is expected for the Fauve Intertrade Corporation
China project. “We believe that the revenue potential and projected
exponential business growth will catapult Fauve into a tremendous market
position due to our strategic arrangements and experience in the Asian
charter and tourism market,” says Wayne Newman, COO of Agra Holdings.


The Asia-Pacific region has an estimated population base of 2-3 billion,
of which approximately thirty-five percent (35%) will be air transport
passengers (by 2007) - estimating an average air-traveling population of
875 million passengers in the near future. This project is scheduled to
begin full operation within three months. “The frequency of flights can
and will be increased in accordance with the forecasted growth in demands.
The forecast for growth is a consistent 30% and above annually over the
next five years,” says Chung Leik Kok, CEO of Fauve Intertrade Corporation.

“As a proud American company, our objective and ultimate goal is to work
with a U.S.-based carrier to bring Chinese tourists into the United States, and provide them with access to major U.S. tourist destinations,” says
Oscar Fields.