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US $150 million needed to bring Caribbean up to World Cup standard

“It is going to take approximately US$150 million to get cricket venues up to World Cup Standard over the next two years,” according to Managing Director of Windies World Cup 2007, Christopher Dehring.He was speaking on the basis of damage experienced by the passing of Hurricanes in the region over the last two months to some venues that have already been selected to host games for the competition in 2007.

“We must have world-class transportation, services, accommodations and we must be world-class hosts,” emphasized Dehring as he too added his bit to persuade the investors present at the partnership meeting that “there are more than enough opportunities for the investment dollar in this region.”

In reiterating that the Caribbean will be ready for this event, Dehring says, “each country in the region has a role to play, opportunities are open in a variety of areas and matches will be hosted in each country that has been assigned a game.” Two venues he said have been badly damaged but “all things being equal, they will be ready in time for the world event.”

It is anticipated that some 1.75 billion people will see the event and “the Caribbean is bent on putting on a good show.”

He also announced that the tour and travel partners for the “mega event” would be selected by the end of November 2004


Dehring was addressing delegates at the Partnership Roles for Investors in Tourism (PROFIT) meeting which is on in Montego Bay at the Ritz Carlton. The partnership meeting ends on Thursday. CHA will put on an investment conference in May 2005.