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GalaxyNet 3.0 Web-Based Reporting Breaks New Ground

Travel Incorporated’s, Travel Technology Solutions subsidiary, recently released the most advanced version of its revolutionary GalaxyNet, Web-based reporting system with true, real-time data and its Dashboard & Analyzer interface.GalaxyNet has been leading the data consolidation and reporting industry with numerous firsts. GalaxyNet was among the first to offer a web-based reporting solution accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world. The first to provide real-time access to IRS-compliant itinerary and invoice documents for more efficient and timely expense management. And the first to provide travel program administrators a user friendly, report customization utility delivering the most advanced, data mining and analytical, “what if” functionality. GalaxyNet’s latest release, 3.0, continues a tradition of innovative development.

It is generally understood that references to “real-time” data, means data that is at best, 24 hours old. In today’s fast-paced business environment, where policy exceptions, traveler security and preferred supplier relationships need to be managed in a true real-time environment, 3.0 delivers data within 30 minutes of being ticketed. This new standard is possible largely as a result of Travel Incorporated’s unique technology position. Travel Incorporated’s, Travel Technology Solutions subsidiary develops most of its automation applications in house, including a proprietary, back office accounting system that feeds data into GalaxyNet 3.0 almost instantaneously for real-time information. Most travel management companies have separate systems for back office accounting and reporting, which complicates their ability to provide true, real-time data.

GalaxyNet 3.0 is also among the first to incorporate a performance management dashboard into its reporting system. GalaxyNet Analyzer 1.1 pushes high level, up-to-the-minute, travel expense data in graphic and detail form to a decision maker’s desktop, without the need for generating traditional travel management reports. Analyzer provides true, real-time numerical and graphical information on top city pairs, top vendors, key hotel and car expense indicators and a powerful, policy compliance auditor that provides details on all policy exceptions. The system will also benchmark average ticket prices and other air metrics against industry benchmarks provided by Topaz. Since historical data is cached, there is almost instantaneous access to period, YTD and comparative detail for extremely fast processing and analysis.

“In order for our clients to proactively manage the requirements associated with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as gain access to high level, travel performance metrics in the fastest and most efficient way, we knew we had to think outside of the traditional reporting box,” says Travel Incorporated President, Mike Brown. “We also realized enhanced servicing benefits by giving our agents access to GalaxyNet as well, arming them with the most complete and up-to-the-minute ticket and PNR information, unachievable in systems downloading on a 24-hour cycle. Every minute matters in our fast-paced business world.”

GalaxyNet’s advanced design architecture allows for virtually unlimited multi-layered interactive drill-down capabilities, one-click export to applications such as Excel, Word, or PDF, automated report scheduling and versatile email and note sharing tools. GalaxyNet is utilized by all Travel Incorporated clients, and several non-agency clients as well. According to Linwood Hayes, Travel Incorporated CIO, “several Fortune 100 companies have purchased the GalaxyNet system. In their global world, they needed a system that was not only scaleable and could provide true, real time data, but that could also consolidate and integrate data from multiple sources onto a single, web-based tool. We designed the system to be so user-friendly and maintenance free, that virtually any non-technical program administrator could access the data they needed with almost no training. Any business with an Internet connection and an HTML Web Browser can use GalaxyNet for their 24/7 reporting needs.”