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CSA’s StormWatch Hotline for Travelers Affected by Hurricanes

CSA Travel Protection is helping travelers and travel suppliers across North America by providing free assistance services for anyone affected by the current hurricane season. The CSA StormWatch Hotline operates 24/7 with an emphasis on helping guests, travelers and property managers communicate during hurricane conditions, severe weather and other natural disasters.By calling (800) 260-5486 toll-free, anyone in any state-not just CSA’s
insured clients-can receive weather updates, travel advisories, answers
about travel insurance coverage, and assistance getting a message to
family or friends.

“The CSA StormWatch Hotline has been extremely active as recent hurricanes
and tropical storms make their way through the Southeast,” said Lee
Hughes, Vice President of Sales for CSA Travel Protection. The San
Diego-based company has been providing hurricane insurance coverage to
tens of thousands of travelers and rental property guests since 1993.

“This is our second year in a row providing this service to anyone who
needs it in time of concern and crisis. We are here for the hurricane
season to help out wherever we can, and during any severe weather or
natural disaster.”

The CSA StormWatch Hotline provides weather updates, road conditions and
other information. It also serves as an emergency messaging system for all
vacationers trying to reach family members, friends or anyone else before,
during and after severe-weather conditions.

The hotline also provides free phone services for property management
offices impacted by hurricane conditions, allowing them to leave voicemail
instructions for clients trying to reach them. CSA StormWatch Hotline
operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


With this year’s hurricane season far from over, many consumers have
questions about the coverage their travel insurance policy provides if
severe weather delays or interrupts their itinerary.

Before and throughout each hurricane season, CSA’s customer service and
claims staff receive special training for hurricane-related inquires. This
enables them to advise policyholders about how current weather conditions
can affect their travel plans, or what to do during a mandatory evacuation.

“We always urge travelers to call our customer service department if they
are concerned about severe weather impacting their trip, any time of
year,” Hughes said. “We can discuss the latest weather advisories that may
affect their travel, and explain the coverage provided under their policy.

“Our staff is trained to look for ways to help policyholders make informed
decisions and receive coverage on all claims they’re entitled to. We want
customers to know we’re always here for them.”

As of Sept. 17, CSA processed 1,790 hurricane- and tropical storm-related
claims for the current season. Claims totaling $1,000 or less are handled
by CSA’s Fast Track claims unit to expedite payments to hurricane-affected

Hughes said severe-weather-related travel delays and interruptions are
often not covered under credit card or travel supplier plans-at least not
with the high level of benefits provided by travel insurance companies
such as CSA. The company also offers Guest Cancellation Insurance
specifically designed for renters in all regions. Information is available
by calling Lee Hughes toll- free at (888) 470-9120 and at .