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Telewest Removes Distance Restrictions on Endeavour Broadband

Telewest Travel
has announced that it has removed all distance restrictions on its 512kbps ADSL service, allowing its customers access to always-on broadband connectivity whatever their location.ÊTechnical restrictions had previously limited those too far away from the ADSL enabled exchange.

ÊTravel agents using Telewest Travel’s unique online service, Endeavour, are now able to reap the full benefits that using the service over broadband can bring, from faster downloading of hotel and resort information to “always on” connections offering a vastly improved customer service compared to dial-up connections.

Keith Webber, Head of Travel at Telewest Business, said: ” 90 per cent of all new connections are now broadband, but a number of customers have been restricted in their use of this by their physical location. By removing these restrictions any travel agent can now benefit.”

Telewest Endeavour is a unique service for travel professionals, providing easy, flexible access to critical information such as holiday availability search and booking, IP Viewdata with multiple sessions, internet access, email, GDS, up-to-the minute weather reports, currency updates and links to tour operators.