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Orbitz Completes Engine Implementation

Orbitz , the site that makes
it easy to find more travel deals, has completed the full implementation
of its dynamic packaging engine. As a result, Orbitz expects to improve
packaging revenues and packaging margins per transaction while offering
travelers new opportunities to save by booking flights, hotels or rental
cars together in a single transaction. The company’s dynamic packaging engine now integrates package-only travel
offerings, such as specially negotiated OrbitzSaver(TM) discount merchant
hotel rates, special package airfares, web-only airfares and package-only
rental car rates. By transitioning from a third-party service in most
markets, Orbitz can better tailor its package offerings, pricing and
merchandising to consumer demand. Orbitz’ packaging engine now displays up
to twice as many air itineraries and three times as many hotels as part of
its vacation packages than were previously displayed on the search matrix.
The company is able to offer more flexible last-minute travel
capabilities, as well. Users can book travel packages up to eight hours
before the scheduled departure time.

“Orbitz continues to expand the convenience, choice and savings we offer
vacationers,” said John Samuel, Orbitz’ executive vice president of
consumer travel. “For example, earlier this summer became the
first travel site to display multiple hotel and car options on a single
screen with estimated total pricing that includes all rental taxes and
fees. In fact, vacation travel packages have become one of Orbitz’
fastest-growing categories.”