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Sabre Airline Solutions Expands International Presence

Sabre Airline

has acquired RM Rocade to help meet the needs of
international small, medium-size and low cost carriers with an easy-to-use,
fully functional flight operations product suite at a compelling price and
value point.RM Rocade, with headquarters in Stockholm, develops and sells software
solutions to airlines for commercial planning, crew management and
operations control. Currently, more than 60 airlines use the RM Rocade
Integrated Suite, including FlyDBA, Air Atlanta, MyTravel, Cyprus Airways
Austrian Airlines, Icelandair, BA Citiexpress, and other carriers in the
European market.  RM Rocade also has a significant presence in Asia and
other regions with customers such as Air China and Kuwait Airways.

“Sabre Airline Solutions has made it possible for small, medium-size and
low cost carriers to operate in new ways through the use of accessible
technology,” said Tom Klein, group president for Sabre Airline Solutions.
“In the last four years, this has included launching the most successful
web-based applications access in the industry through Sabre eMergo, our ASP
offering, and adding PC-based scheduling and operations software through
the acquisition of David R. Bornemann Associates in 2001.  The RM Rocade
integrated suite of products is another extension of this strategy and

In today’s travel environment, airlines rely on sophisticated flight
operations technology solutions to help them quickly recover from
disruptions, such as weather or airport delays, and scheduling crew for
their aircraft.  In fact, these systems are crucial for the Systems
Operations Control center, the nucleus of daily airline operations.  The
initiatives Sabre Airline Solutions has made for the small, medium-size and
low cost carriers help ensure that these technology solutions address their
absolute requirement for streamlined, affordable applications.

The ability to make technology accessible to small, medium-size and low
cost carriers is partly based on the open standards “plug and play” type
architecture. The RM Rocade suite has been designed from the ground up with
common industry C++ programming. This result is powerful technology that is
easy-to-use, is affordable and can quickly integrate new technologies.

“Sabre Airline Solutions is the right fit for our products because they
share our vision for leveraging technology to make smart decisions and
making this technology accessible and easy to use - taking the airline in a
box beyond concept but a reality for small and medium size carriers,” said
Urban Deljerud, CEO, for RM Rocade.  “We really see the company taking
leadership on advancing the industry to new ways of operating that benefit
the airline and the customer and we are very excited about being the newest
members of the team.”


Sabre Airline Solutions will expand its current flight operations base of
over 120 customers through the acquisition - gaining 50-plus incremental
customers.  The acquisition also will allow Sabre Airline Solutions to
significantly expand its sales and support to all of its airline customers