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Products Generator EMS Creates Online Superstores

Products Generator EMS, is enabling website owners to create online superstores that sell hundreds of best-selling products through lucrative affiliate schemes. The system is already proving a winner in the e-commerce stakes, with one participating site,, generating a stock of over $2.2 million worth of CEP’s (commission-earning products). Products Generator EMS works by displaying each CEP in accurate context alongside the content of the host website. For example, if a user searches for “Star Wars” on a movie portal, they would have the option to buy a range of merchandise - including DVD’s, CD’s, books, posters, prints and t-shirts - from affiliates,,, and, in a seamless process.

Thanks to the Ecommerce Management System (EMS), a Control Panel Wizard sets up a Products Generator control panel for each affiliate’s products, so the webmaster can view and edit them in real time after generating them from the affiliate site. The system also features a Database Wizard that automatically creates the code to display the retrieved CEPs on the user’s web pages, while the EMS Integrator installs Products Generator EMS easily into any content management system, database or static website. Besides the automatic functionality, there’s also a Products Grabber that can manually ‘grab’ products.

Products Generator EMS comes in various options that appeal to everyone from webmasters running hobby sites to major online ventures. Prices for a one vendor package (i.e. selling products from,,, or are £39.99 for 500 keywords, £149 for 5,000 keywords, and £349 for unlimited keywords. The ‘Full Suite’, encompassing all four current vendors, costs £120 for 500 keywords, £485 for 5,000 keywords, and £985 for unlimited keywords and products.

Webmasters using Products Generator EMS register with the individual vendors, and commissions are then paid directly by each vendor into the webmaster’s bank account. Commissions vary but usually range from 2% to 30%. Commission payments are arranged directly between the vendor and the affiliate upon registration. Products Generator Ltd takes no commission from vendors or affiliates.

In a significant success story, Products Generator EMS has powered $2.2 million worth of ecommerce in the form of 136,000 CEPs on - a site featuring thousands of famous movies, movie stars, and locations. The software has also received ‘5 Star Awards’ from 13 different online review sites.


David Greaves, director of programming at Products Generator Ltd, comments: “In the future, website visitors can kiss goodbye to scary, out-of-context e-commerce experiences. Products Generator EMS is highly targeted, giving webmasters the power to build content-specific, commission-earning online superstores that don’t cost them a penny to set up.”