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Inntopia Creates New ASP Destination Call Center Technology

A central reservations
system has been launched which is specially designed for destination call centers. InntopiaCRS
integrates with the Inntopia
Reservation System and its Internet booking
engine.“We found that many destination call centers were feeling the need to
re-tool their infrastructure due to changing bookings patterns,” comments
Trevor Crist, president of Sterling Valley Systems. “InntopiaCRS was
designed to help the destination call center cost-effectively integrate
their Internet reservation system with the guest-centered phone service they
want to continue to offer.”

InntopiaCRS is a hosted application, which means that reservation agencies
only require Internet connections and web browsers to use the system. This
type of system allows for scalability during seasonal fluctuations and lower
overhead than client/server models. Other InntopiaCRS features include
intuitive agent screens, robust source tracking, flexible reporting,
automated billing and commission processing, and support for dynamic
packaging and sales of a wide variety of travel products. Inventory sold
through InntopiaCRS can also be sold through a variety of online and offline
channels, including distribution to all major GDS and ADS systems.

“Basically, we wanted to be able to offer destination call centers a system
that would enable them to simplify their business, yet still allow them to
offer the guest-centered service they pride themselves on,” adds Crist.
“Plus, because our system allows for lodging and non-lodging inventory,
these organizations can provide the guest with easy packaging for a complete

“The philosophy of InntopiaCRS is to let the central reservation agents
concentrate on taking reservations, and to let Inntopia handle supplier
management, billing and other time-consuming tasks that don’t contribute
directly to the call center’s bottom line,” adds Crist. “This is done by automating processes such as billing and payment
offering a simple to use agent interface to reduce training times, and by
letting Inntopia’s customer care department take care of Supplier technical
support issues.”

Dynamic packaging of non-lodging inventory, or InntopiaP2P, was introduced
with the upgrade to Inntopia 4.0 booking engine in early spring, 2004.


With InntopiaCRS, lodging and non-lodging suppliers manage their
availability and inventory through one administrative interface or through
their property management software interface, and the inventory is then
bookable through the organization’s website and at the call center. Inntopia
manages all supplier support and training.