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Ryanair Says Arrivederci to Alitalia’s High Fares

have criticised the Italian authorities over their attempt to prop-up the failed national carrier Alitalia and prevent ordinary Italian consumers accessing low fares.The move, which according to ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) Chairman, Vito Riggio “has been authorised by the European Union”, is a blatant attempt to pervert competition in the Italian market by preventing any carrier selling tickets for less than the high fares of Alitalia.

Ryanair’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, Jim Callaghan commented: “The Italian authorities are more interested in pumping millions of Euro into the failed Alitalia than providing competition and low fares for ordinary Italian consumers. Italian consumers are being ripped-off by Alitalia’s high fares with the governments blessing and active support.

It is outrageous that such a move is “authorised by the EU” because it means the EU is actively supporting reduced competition and allowing the Italian authorities to artificially keep prices high for Italian consumers - a move that is ant0-competitive and anti-consumer. This latest lunacy comes weeks after the European Commission authorised even more State Aid to the failed Italian national carrier, indicating the double standards of the EC regarding national airlines. It’s one rule for the Italians and another rule for everyone else.

Our message to Italian consumers is clear - Ryanair will continue to offer Italian consumers and visitors Europe’s lowest air fares - the same low fares enjoyed by millions of people in 16 other European countries.”