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Cozumel sees visitor numbers swell

The island of Cozumel is rapidly becoming one of the leading travel destinations in the Southeast area of Mexico. According to Mexican airport operator, ASUR, international air passenger traffic to Cozumel for the second quarter of 2004 increased 45.9 percent over the same period in 2003, making Cozumel the principal contributor to the overall growth in international visitors flying into Southeast Mexico.
“We’re thrilled to see that more and more travelers are choosing Cozumel, and Mexico in general, as their vacation destination,” noted Gaston Cantarell Diaz, president of the Isla Cozumel Hotel Association and private sector representative for the tourism foundation.

“People want more out of travel these days. Apart from the fun, adventure and relaxation they typically seek, people crave a unique and more cultural vacation experience. Cozumel provides this for them.”