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The Caribbean, more then just a beach? Many think so

Ben Kilbey in London

When most people think of a Caribbean holiday they think of beaches, rum punch and reggae music. However that is not the only reason that people travel to this exotic archipelago - oh no. According to Smithsonian Magazine, one of the leading US magazines focusing on culture, science, natural history, travel and the arts, it’s the intriguing culture that is one of the biggest draw cards for travellers. Well there you have it.According to Smithsonian Magazine, a survey of its readers revealed that more and more travellers are selecting their Caribbean holiday destination based on the region’s historic landmarks, sites, exciting events and gracious people.

In the survey of approximately 1,500 members of the Smithsonian Magazine Readers Panel, the majority found that, just after beaches, a Caribbean destination’s history and museums have the most influence when choosing which Caribbean location to visit.

Once there, the panellists will sightsee (89%), venture to the beach (80%), explore towns off the beaten path (71%), visit local museums and galleries (65%), and attend local festivals and fairs (54%).

So this revealing survey really does back up what Jamaica always used to say; ‘we are more then just a beach.’ Perhaps the next time you think of the Caribbean you will forget the beach and head for the sites. Perhaps.