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Blizzard Internet Marketing Debuts Web Tracking Programs

Blizzard Internet Marketing Inc. will introduce two new editions of its Blizzard Tracker software at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference at the Dallas Convention Center June 22-24, in Booth No. 452.

“We’ve enhanced Blizzard Tracker by adding two new, stand-alone editions that are available for all hotels looking to track and measure the effectiveness of their on-line marketing efforts not just those that use Blizzard Internet to host their Web sites,” said Christine Burke, Blizzard Product Manager. “There are a number of Web site trackers on the market. Blizzard Tracker is different, because it is implemented specifically for the needs of today’s competitive hospitality and travel environments.”

Burke said owners and operators may spend thousands of dollars each month on pay-per-click campaigns through Overture, Google Adwords, and other resources. However, if the chosen promotions aren’t effective, they won’t turn ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’ and aren’t worth the expense. With its campaign tracking and conversion tracking features, Blizzard Tracker ROI Edition identifies for hoteliers which campaigns are attracting customers and which ultimately result in a booking.

Partnering for success: Hoteliers who partner with Blizzard Internet to create custom online promotion plans will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help them to insightfully interpret the online reports and then act on them, Burke said.

“Once you have access to this wealth of data, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to act on it.” Burke said. “At Blizzard, we provide an integrated approach that covers all the factors influencing a Web site’s effectiveness. Whether you need design enhancements, a fine-tuned PPC campaign, or links from niche directories, we help you pull it all together for a more profitable Web presence.”


For smaller properties with more modest budgets, Blizzard Tracker Professional Edition provides all of the same features of the ROI Edition, except for campaign tracking and conversion (dollar transaction) tracking. With the Professional Edition, you can see the number of unique and repeat visitors, what web site referred them, what keywords they used, what pages they viewed, and much more. You can schedule your favorite reports to be automatically emailed to you on a regular basis. If you start to spend more money on pay-per-click campaigns, you can easily upgrade to the ROI Edition while maintaining your data.

“What drives online bookings today is promotion,” said Trent Blizzard, President of Blizzard Internet Marketing. “A lot of Web masters can design a site, but if the promotional effort is lacking, they won’t get qualified visitors. Likewise, if the tracking mechanism is missing, there is no way to measure a return on investment. Blizzard Internet provides everything a hotelier needs today to be successful, whether you team with us to design and host your site, or team with us to track the results of your site and assist you with enhancing your marketing message.