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Independence Air to Use Celebrity Announcements

When low-fare airline
Independence Air begins service in two days on Wednesday, June 16th,
passengers will experience a new onboard feature designed to make air
travel more interesting, memorable and even safer—inflight
announcements performed by celebrities. Independence Air flights will use a rotation of recorded announcements
featuring comedian Dennis Miller, musician Chuck Berry, soccer star Mia
Hamm and political commentary couple James Carville and Mary Matalin. As
these celebrity recordings are being played onboard, Independence Air
flight attendants will interact with the announcements and perform live
safety demonstrations in the cabin.

Independence Air’s celebrity inflight announcements meet all standards of
regulatory compliance. With each celebrity providing the essential
aircraft and safety information while expressing their own unique and
well-known personalities, Independence Air has found a creative way to
respond to Federal Aviation Administration guidance suggesting that
airlines be “innovative” and to “make safety information briefings as
interesting as possible.” Reaction from preview audiences has been
overwhelmingly positive.

Independence Air Chairman and CEO Kerry Skeen said, “We asked ourselves—
even though inflight announcements by their nature are typically routine
and repetitive, do they have to be a tune-out? So we’ve come up with an
approach that’s not only innovative and fun, but will create more
awareness of the safety information being presented. Once our customers
hear something that’s this different, we think they will want to stop for
a moment and actually pay more attention to this important safety

To listen to the new Independence Air celebrity inflight announcements,
please go to

Starting June 16th and continuing throughout the summer, Independence Air
will be launching a schedule of low-fare flights from Washington Dulles
International Airport to 35 destinations up and down the East Coast and to
the Midwest. By summer’s end, the airline will offer 600 daily flights,
including 300 departures from Dulles, making it the largest low-fare hub
in America.


All of Independence Air’s low-fare flights are available for sale now at Web users who sign up for a free membership to the iCLUB
frequent flyer program will receive an additional $25 off their first
round-trip. Details of the promotion are available on the website.

Independence Air will also begin adding 27 brand new 132-passenger Airbus
A319s at Washington Dulles this fall. The Airbus aircraft—scheduled to
launch in November—will allow Independence Air to offer low-fare
service from Washington to major destinations in Florida, the Midwest and
across the country to the West Coast. With the addition of the A319s,
Independence Air will operate a fleet of over 110 jet aircraft.

Parent company Atlantic Coast Airlines Holdings, Inc. is based in Dulles,
VA and employs over 4,100 aviation professionals. Later this summer, the
company plans to change its name to FLYi, Inc., and its ticker symbol to

Independence Air is the low-fare airline that makes travel fast and easy
for its customers with a customer-first attitude, innovative thinking and
a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Independence Air, the “i” logo mark, and Go Your Own Way are
service marks of Atlantic Coast Airlines.