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Blokes Swap Footie for Fake Tan as Survey Reveals Sharp Rise in Male Grooming

Traditionally more at home on football terraces than in beauty parlours new
research from The Good Saks Survey reveals Britain?s men are ploughing
thousands of pounds each year into the beauty market.

The survey, launched during Men’s Health Week (14TH - 20TH June), quizzed
men from across the UK to establish their beauty regime. An astonishing 27%
of British men admitted to booking in for fake tanning sessions and 15%
said they regularly visited a hair or beauty salon for grooming.

The men’s beauty market is currently worth around £827 million a year
according to Mintel, that’s almost three times more than it is costing UEFA
to host the entire European Football Championships in Portugal
(£300million*). The market is growing at a phenomenal pace - men have spent
an extra £116 million over the last five years, a 14% increase.

Saks Beauty Guru Kirsty Jobson says; “We have seen a 20% increase in the
numbers of men regularly using our services in the last 12 months. The
men’s beauty market has really exploded, helped along by the fact that more
and more celebrities like David Beckham have made male grooming an
acceptable and almost essential practice.You just have to look at Jason
Cowan in Big Brother applying his fake tan”.

“Our male customers are booking everything from Fake Bake tanning
treatments topermanent hair reduction and botox. It’s become such big
business for us that we have developed a special service called ‘Saks for
the Boys’ to appeal specifically to this market.”


There are several theories on the psychology behind the rise in men’s
health and beauty treatments. The office of National Statistics reveals a
new trend where women are statistically more likely to find a potential
partner at a younger age, however this is reversed for men who become more
likely to find a partner as they mature with likelihood increasing up until
age 60.

This means heightened competition for men in their twenties and thirties to
find potential mates resulting in the ‘Peacock Effect’ - the need for men
to display all their fineries in the ever competitive arena of finding a

The Good Saks Survey also revealed the top 5 things that men want to
change about themselves:

1. Beer Belly 55%;

2. Muscles (lack of) 27%;

3. Hair (more on head) 7%;

4. Nose 4%

5. Face 2%

Twenty four percent of men would even consider cosmetic surgery and nearly
40% said they would try non-surgical face lifts and Botox.