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Beautiful Teeth, Beautiful Face - Now all in One Place

The one-stop shop concept has reached the world of dentistry.Ê Smile NW is a new breed of practice, set to put more than a smile on the face of its clients, and its industry.Ê At the chic modern space in Temple Fortune, North-West London, a full range of dental care procedures and a fully comprehensive aesthetic facial beauty service are on offer, through a resident beauty therapist and consultant plastic surgeon.Such is the diversity of Smile NW’s cosmetic and dental care, free cancer screening (oral and skin), Environ vitamin skincare (developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes and used by celebrities such as Kate Moss), wart removal, and assessment for major aesthetic surgery appear on the menu beside general and cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic and surgical facial treatments.

According to Veronica Morris, originator of Smile NW and a highly skilled and well-established dentist, “We aim to bring Harley Street to North London, with a symbiotic relationship between dentist, beauty therapist, surgeon - and client.Ê For example, several customers who drop in to buy their favourite Environ products have subsequently had other treatments here.Ê Our ethos of treating the whole face is reflected in the referral process between dentist, therapist and surgeon.

Veronica continues, “As aesthetic procedures grow in popularity, dental practitioners are now completing ‘quickie’ courses in administering filler injections for lines and wrinkles.ÊÊ At Smile NW, we consider facial treatments like these to be the domain of highly skilled and qualified specialists such as our consultant plastic surgeon. Our clients can be assured of the best achievable results, even down to skincare: Environ vitamin skincare is only available after prior consultation with our beauty therapist who can advise on appropriate formulations for specific skin types and conditions.”

Smile NW is open seven days a week including evenings. This, coupled with its strategy of offering every conceivable treatment for the whole face and not just the smile, is proving its worth already despite opening just months ago.

For more information on Environ vitamin skincare, phone 020 8 450 2020, visit, or for Smile NW, phone 020 8458 2333.