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BREDS plays important role in getting medical aid to Jamaican parishes

BREDS has done it again by assisting more than 8000 Jamaicans in St. Elizabeth and St. Mary to receive free health care from the U.S. Military over the past month. The free clinics, which began at the end of April are being operated by two teams of medical doctors and nurses from the United States Air Force. They have been providing residents of these parishes with general medicine, eye and dental care and obstetric and gynaecology services. In addition, residents received more than JA$6 million in free medication. 
The U.S. medical group traveled to Ministry of Health Clinics in St. Elizabeth and St. Mary, treating residents in Santa Cruz, Lacovia, Southfield, Junction, Burnt Savanna and Annotto Bay, Brainard, Rock River, Castleton and Enfield.  As a result, a large number of men, women, children, and elderly patients have been able to see a doctor, nurse or midwife, free of cost. 

The Military Liaison Office at the US Embassy Kingston arranged the successive visit of the two medical teams, which are funded by the U.S. Military’s Southern Command as part of a Military Readiness and Training Exercise (MEDRETE).

The United States Agency for International Development is providing funding to certify the medical teams. The medical clinics were a partnership involving the Treasure Beach Women’s Group, BREDS: The Treasure Beach Foundation, Lion’s Club International, the Jamaican Ministry of Health, the US Air Force, the Jamaica Defence Force and the US Peace Corps.