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Buy a Better Body: From Rough to Buff with Cosmetic Therapy

Cosmetic Therapy is the new buzzword amongst the A list, with fans including Rachel Stevens, Helena Bonham Carter and Kate Winslet. beautytek is the first treatment to offer body transformation through technology and has revolutionised the beauty industry - re-writing the rules of what can be done. Reconstructing the body safely, non-invasively and painlessly, beautytek re-trains the cells into a new way of taking shape. beautytek clients can look forward to pert breasts and bottoms where once they sagged, chiselled jaw lines emerging from multi-chins and hour glass figures in place of potato sack silhouettes. Even men are taking advantage of this new technology; beer guts, executive lunch paunches and flabby necks are all being smoothed away. beautytek programs also combat wrinkles, scars, under eye shadows, stretch marks, excess skin, post plastic surgery treatment and sagging muscle tone using unprecedented technology. Immediate photographic documentation of the results can be seen.

beautytek is essentially a computer that diagnoses and redresses cosmetic problems. Eastern and Western medical concepts come together as beautytek pinpoints blockages within the body’s chi energy flow and rebalances the body, stimulating its self repair mechanisms.

Blocked energy flow is caused by imbalances within the body’s cellular structure. These imbalances occur when there is a deficit of negatively charged ions, leading to storage of toxins and a build up of fatty deposits. beautytek uses a unique software package to precisely measure the deficit of energy within the cells.  This deficit is remedied by applying a very low intensity electrical current to the body’s own energy system, providing the exact amount of energy required to the exact location of the imbalance.  Rebalancing the cell’s ions increases energy flow, enhances metabolism and blood flow, stimulates the lymphatic system and dehydrates fatty tissue to help decompose fatty clusters. 

beautytek uses energy and information transfer to deliver a minute electrical impulse specifically designed for the individual.  Each treatment is unique, the advanced software enables the site that is being treated to determine when it has had adequate treatment.  The cells are aware when they have been sufficiently nurtured and beautytek monitors when the energetic balance is restored and then moves on to the next site.

The electrical current is applied to the body’s own energy system using a hand-held electrode and conducted through a specially formulated electrolyte gel containing essential nutrients that are absorbed into the body during the treatment. The effects are equivalent to real life air-brushing, compelling photo evidence shows that inches can vanish after just a few sessions leaving you with the slim-line figure you always dreamed of.


£1500 a course, it’s not cheap - but to solve an age-old problem, it’s worth every penny!