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Mexicana Airlines Partnership with Sabre Airlines Solutions

Mexicana Airlines has announced significant improvements in its ability to

measure route utilisation and agency performance as a result of Sabre

Airline Solutions market data and analysis system implementations.
In 2003, Mexicana chose to replace the market data analysis products

provided by a previous vendor with the Sabre TransVision traffic flow

analyser and the Sabre WiseVision sales expansion system to maximise


opportunities, gain market share, improve schedules and optimise commission

disbursements to travel agencies.

“Providing employees with systems that offer more efficient ways of

detecting market trends and changes has helped Mexicana make wiser

decisions,” said Sergio Allard, executive vice president sales and

marketing for Mexicana.  “By using the TransVision and WiseVision systems,

we now have reliable numbers, giving our sales representatives greater

negotiation power. With these systems, Mexicana has increased overall

confidence in the business decisions we make, and has allowed Mexicana to

negotiate new commission agreements with agencies, track their performance

and greatly increase sales representative efficiency.”

Airlines utilising TransVision and WiseVision have been able to increase

overall booking share up to 2 percent, and increase specific market booking

share by as much as 7 percent.


“We are not doing our jobs unless we can provide airlines with bankable

results,” said Steve Clampett, president of airline products and services

for Sabre Airline Solutions.  “With TransVision and WiseVision, airlines

gain benefits almost immediately.”


The WiseVision system helps Mexicana sales representatives decrease the

time required to analyse and interpret large quantities of market data. By

presenting analysis results in multiple ways to support the sales process,

the system facilitates productivity and financial savings in the pursuit of

winning opportunities.


“Our sales people are amazed by the capabilities and amount of information

provided by these tools and have noticed a significant difference in the

way that Mexicana operates now versus when we used the previous products,”

said Allard.


With more than 100 sales representatives, the carrier has significantly

improved efficiency by utilising the WiseVision system’s groups, structures

and templates features to save time and effort in analysis. This provides

the sales team more time to focus on their core business of selling.


Mexicana has further leveraged its market information data tapes (MIDT)

purchase with the use of the TransVision analyser in its network management

department. The system assists with scheduling and task planning based on

traveller booking trends. System efficiencies mean users spend less time

retrieving and compiling data and more time making business decisions.

Analysis of areas such as route performance, passenger flow and codeshare

evaluation facilitates maximised flight schedules. The system also lets

Mexicana view potential market opportunities in a variety of ways by

extracting valuable transit information from CRS and GDS booking


Through the use of the TransVision system, Mexicana is not only able to

track and evaluate its codeshare agreements, but competitive codeshare

agreements as well. This gives the carrier a strategic advantage during

future negotiations.


Mexicana also utilises the TransVision system to determine network

utilisation. This data-mining system provides the carrier with detailed

analysis of origin and destination (O&D) data. Utilising the in-depth

travel analysis, the airline’s planning and scheduling departments can

modify and adapt flight schedules to fit traffic flow patterns. Due to the

system’s ability to identify the most popular routes and transit points,

Mexicana can target the best possible departure and/or arrival times and

maximise passenger loads, while increasing revenues and potentially

expanding market share.


Mexicana utilises both systems as Sabre eMergo Web-enabled solutions, the

Sabre Airline Solutions’ applications service provider (ASP) model.

Accessing these systems via the eMergo environment eliminates the airline’s

need for costly and complicated in-house data centre infrastructure and