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The Athlete’s Secret To Optimum PerformanceMarin County’s Tea Garden Springs Introduces Tui Na—

Located in Marin County, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise of countless running trails, world-class mountain biking, and unrivalled sailing, Tea Garden Springs introduces Tui Na to meet the needs of the Bay Area’s growing population of weekend warriors and professional athletes.  Home to the upcoming, legendary Dipsea Race on June 13, 2004, Marin County’s renowned redwoods-lined trails attract triathletes-in-training, diehard runners, and mountain bikers - and their accompanying aches and pains.  Particularly suited to athletes, Tui Na is a remarkably relaxing and energizing bodywork therapy developed in China over 2,000 years ago.  Combining the application of massage, acupressure, rhythm, vibration, percussion, and joint stretching, Tui Na is designed to allow the body to heal itself naturally.

Literally translated as “pushing and grasping,” Tui Na’s therapeutic movements are effective for athletes seeking to loosen joints, prevent lactic acid build up, increase range of motion, and boost overall performance.  While traditional sports massage heals merely the physical body, Tui Na restores the entire energy of the body, known as “Qi” in traditional Chinese medical theory.  According to Tea Garden Springs Tui Na practitioner Joy McIlvaine who trained for several years in China, “If you can change the energy of the body, the physical system will follow.  Tui Na is a wonderful adjunct to an athlete’s regimen because it releases the subtle tension underlying their physical tension.”

Traditionally practiced with the client fully clothed, a Tea Garden Springs Tui Na session takes place in one of the spa’s Asian-inspired, candle-lit treatment rooms.  An 85-minute Tui Na session is $130 and a 55-minute session is $90.  For Tea Garden Springs reservations or to purchase a Gift Card, please call (415) 389-7123. 

A rich source of information about new ways to heal chronic ailments such as depression, obesity, or insomnia, Tea Garden Springs is a one-stop shop offering holistic health counseling by licensed practitioners, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Advanced Body Therapy, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, and meditation classes. 

Nestled at the base of beautiful Mount Tamalpais, and distinctly Zen in feeling, Tea Garden Springs is an inspiring haven of Eastern and Western wellness and beauty practices.  Featuring its signature, floor-to-ceiling mural depicting a traditional Chinese tea scene, a stunning golden domed atrium, and an indoor tea garden with lush ferns and a trickling stream, Tea Garden Springs has been welcoming spa goers-in-the-know to its oasis of quietude for nearly a decade. 


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