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Brunswick Rail signs partnership agreement for production of new generation railcars

Brunswick Rail signs partnership agreement for production of new generation railcars

Brunswick Rail and NCBE signed the Memorandum of Understanding during the seventh International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” in Sochi.  Under the agreement, NCBE will launch production of new generation gondolas using 18-9836 bogies with Amsted Rail’s Motion Control system. This innovative bogie technology allows for increased axle load (up to 25 tons) and a greater carrying capacity (up to 75 tons), while the impact on the tracks is reduced compared to traditional bogies. Mass production is currently expected to begin in 2013 after all certification procedures have been completed. The planned capacity of the new NCBE production line is 1,000 railcars per year.

Vladimir Khoroshilov, Brunswick Rail’s Deputy CEO and Director of Business Development said: “Our partnership with the Novokuznetsk Car-Building Enterprise is another important step in bringing new generation railcars to the Russian market. We believe that innovations will make important contributions to the development of the railroad sector. We have been introducing new railcars to the market for the past year, and during this time we have clearly seen that such new technologies are ideally suited to the Russian market, as they substantially increase transportation efficiencies for our clients and across the industry as a whole.”

Vladimir Bogolyubov, Deputy CEO for Technical Development at NCBE, said: “It is clear that the Russian railroad sector today is in need of innovative solutions. The future of our railroads will be driven by the introduction of new generation railcars, and our factory aims to meet the demands of today’s market. We are delighted to be working with Brunswick Rail, and look forward to the new opportunities that will arise from the production of new generation railcars.”

Marcus Montenecourt, Managing Director for Amsted Rail in Russia and the CIS, added: “We are pleased to welcome Novokuznetsk Car-Building Enterprise as a new Licensee. When we first brought Motion Control technology to Russia, we carried out a comparative analysis of the stresses put on railcars during operation in Russia and the US. The results showed that Motion Control is without a doubt suitable for use in Russia and the CIS. The Amsted Rail know-how deployed in the 18-9836 model bogies gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors. We are confident that the railcars produced by NCBE will help ensure highly efficient cargo shipments for end users.”