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Brits find holiday build-up distressing

Brits find holiday build-up distressing

Jetting off on holiday should be the easiest thing in the world. However, according to recent research by Holiday Extras, a combination of worries about the journey, anxiety about passports, flight delays and uncertainty over excess luggage fees, spoils the start of the getaway for 94% of British holidaymakers.

The survey revealed that the biggest worries before jetting off on holiday for 87% of holidaymakers are traffic and transport issues on the way to the airport, and flight delays.

Three quarters of those surveyed said that they found early morning flights and strict baggage rules spoil the start of the holiday. Half (48 per cent) of Brits are anxious about where to leave their car and whether they’re getting the best currency rate.

Another cause for concern is how to keep children happy and entertained on the journey - 64% of British parents worry that their children will get bored whilst travelling.

Women’s anxiety: packing light!
More than three quarters of women struggle to stick to packing only the holiday essentials and keep within the strict airline luggage allowances; many women want to cram in half their summer wardrobe! Men find packing less of a challenge - 68% of men found including everything they feel they need, and staying within the weight limit, stressful.


“I’ve got mine, where’s yours?”

Men don’t find checking, renewing and remembering to pack the trusty passport before a holiday as bothersome, either. 63% of British women surveyed found this one of the most nerve-racking elements of holiday preparation, compared to 59% of men.

Too busy to look forward to a holiday
The survey also shows that many people don’t give themselves enough time to get excited about their holidays; only 40% of Brits feel that they are getting into the holiday mood before heading off.

“It’s important to start your holiday in the right frame of mind and planning for your holiday may give you a greater chance to experience the positive feelings associated with the lead up to a holiday,” advises Honey Langcaster-James, psychologist and life coach. “The busy, high-pressure lives that people are leading today mean that taking a holiday for a proper break is even more important for your health and well-being.”

Anthony Clarke-Cowell, Holiday Extras’ Communications Director, said, “The good news is that, other than flight delays, holidaymakers can easily avoid most UK-based stress-triggers with a little planning.  Pre-booking airport parking, an overnight stay at a hotel and easy travel money with a FairFX card can ensure that travellers avoid the stress triggers that stop them enjoying their holiday from the off.”