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British tourist killed by polar bear in Norway

A British tourist has been mauled to death in the north of Norway while travelling with the British Schools Exploring Society (BSES).

The attack – which happened at Von Postbreen, approximately 40 kilometres from Longyearbyen – saw four other travellers injured earlier today.

All were flown to Longyearbyen hospital and are due to be airlifted to a hospital in Tromsø.

The governor of Svalbard confirmed one person has been killed.

”The governor received a message around 07:30 this morning about a polar bear attack at Von Postbreen,” explained a statement.

“The governor and personnel from the hospital flew out by helicopter.

“The polar bear has been killed.”

BSES Expeditions offers adventure travel to 16-25-year-olds in the polar regions, deserts, mountains and jungles of the world.

Around 250,000 British tourists visit Norway every year.