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Boney M honoured in Egypt

Boney M honoured in Egypt

Liz Mitchell, lead singer with Bony M, who has been performing in Sharm El Sheikh at SOHO Square, took time out from singing to be honoured at the Virgin Megastore at City Stars in Cairo.

The trip to Cairo was arranged by the Savoy to meet her fans and to catch a glimpse of Cairo.

“It’s been my dream to come to see the pyramids and the River Nile,” Liz said as she signed autographs and chatted with fans lining up to meet the singing icon. Her recording of By the Rivers of Babylon is one of the 10 all-time best selling records.

““We came to SOHO Square earlier in April and it was so great we were thrilled to be asked to come back, so much so that my kids joined us,” she said.

Boney M performed 10 concerts at SOHO Square, the Middle East’s hugely popular square mile of entertainment, shopping and collection of more than a dozen restaurants and bars.


SOHO Square’s appeal is proving to be one of the Middle East’s top attractions for holidaymakers and residents in the Red Sea region this summer.