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Balinese Samaya Seminyak Resort provides authentic local experience

Balinese Samaya Seminyak Resort provides authentic local experience

The Samaya Seminyak Resort in Bali has incorporated the Green Globe program, as it fits the company’s global commitment to corporate social responsibility and to the environment. This Green Program reflects the way of living and working, based on Samaya’s vision and values.

“We are enthusiastic about making our hospitality business more environmentally-friendly,” said Mr. Eka Dilaga, Resort Manager. “Sustainable development is essential to all that we do and what we pay for, and we are working towards engaging all employees in our initiatives. Sustainability to us means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Working with Green Globe has helped our team to better understand the benefits of green strategy projects, and we are very proud about our achievement.”

Environmental considerations are an important aspect for preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Bali, and allowing guests at the Samaya Seminyak Resort an authentic local experience. Balinese cooking classes are conducted on a regular basis, promoting local produce, culture, and cuisine. The resort integrated local partnerships within the community to raise awareness for positive environmental change. Samaya works closely with a number of local institutions and programs, such as an orphanage called Chloe House in Tabanan, by providing living materials, resources, and food. In addition, the property supports their local Desa’s Lingkungan, Basangkasa, kehlurahan Seminyak, Kecamatan Kuta with their local programs for the needy and donation of non-used materials.

The Samaya Bali is doing its part to sustain a healthy balance of natural resources on the island of Bali. As an innovative community partner, Samaya is leading by example – showing local communities what corporate social responsibility should look like. At the same time, the property remains focused on providing their guests with a luxury experience. “We want our guests to be aware and to participate in the simple and practical actions we adopted to help sustain our valuable resources,” added Mr. Eka Dilaga.