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Avis offers leasing solution in Singapore

Avis offers leasing solution in Singapore

Avis is offering a reliable, convenient and flexible vehicle leasing option in Singapore as an alternative to vehicle purchase.

Aside from being a trusted car rental brand, Avis, is also the pioneer in the car leasing business in Singapore and has been serving the vehicle leasing needs of the local and expatriate communities with its mobility solutions since 1972.

With Avis’ premium car leasing service, individuals can lease a brand new vehicle. There is no down payment required and leasing rates are fixed and interest-free.  It is extremely flexible as it gives people the freedom to choose the vehicle’s make and model, colour and ancillary products such as a satellite navigation system. 

In addition, Avis Singapore takes care of all the paperwork required to purchase the preferred vehicle and also provides customers with a dedicated Leasing Officer to take care of further needs for the one year or more lease period. 

Aside from the hassle-free car acquisition process, Avis leasing is also worry-free because all our leasing vehicle fleet are provided with free regular maintenance checks and servicing with a 24-hour emergency hotline that customers can dial-in to any time of the day.


For those who do not require a brand-new vehicle, Avis also offers economy car leasing services.  Individuals can choose from the young fleet of Avis Singapore according to the make and model, colour and built-in equipment they prefer. 

The leasing service period can commence immediately since the vehicle is readily available, and the same privileges as that of the “brand new car leasing” service apply. These include free maintenance and servicing with a 24-hour hotline access, plus, a Leasing Officer to call on for additional needs.