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Aurora Expeditions launches 2013 Scotland & Arctic Season with a new voyage

Aurora Expeditions launches 2013 Scotland & Arctic Season with a new voyage

Expedition cruise company, Aurora Expeditions has launched their 2013 program for Scotland and the European Arctic, introducing a sensational new voyage, Across the Arctic Circle - Scotland, Norway and Spitsbergen.

Ravenous in history and torment, the isles of Scotland and Arctic Norway tells the story of a powerful historic past of the Norse people. Relive the story as we follow in the footsteps of the ‘Masters of the Sea’, unafraid to explore new territories, accessible only by ship. Our historian, Carol Knott will highlight the exploits, mythology, and sagas through a vivacious account of their adventures and battles of the regions we visit.

For an even greater historic adventure and in-depth discovery of this ancient civilization, simply combine both exciting Scotland expeditions - Wild Scotland & Across the Arctic Circle - and receive 15% off the total price of both voyages.

Aurora Expeditions will return to the spectacular regions of Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland in their 17th season to the European Arctic. Home to polar bears, walrus and whales, you will witness deep fjords, fantastic icebergs and glaciated peaks. For the more adventurous, sea kayaking is offered across all seven departures.

Our Scottish and European Arctic voyages will set sail on Polar Pioneer, an ice-strengthened ship with an excellent reputation for polar expedition cruising, due to her strength, size and manoeuvrability.