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Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort Unveils ‘Only in Atlantis’ Advertising and Marketing Campaign Creat

Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort Unveils ‘Only in Atlantis’ Advertising and Marketing Campaign Creat

Sol Kerzner, Chairman and CEO of Kerzner International Holdings Limited (owner and operator of Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas), and renowned film director Brett Ratner unveiled today a new multi-platform advertising and branding campaign, that incorporates print, television and interactive elements, for the 3,414-room resort and casino.
Ratner, and his eponymous Brett Ratner Brands (BRB), led the creative development and production of the campaign, marking the first time Ratner has applied his talent as filmmaker, photographer and interactive producer to an overall marketing and ad campaign.

Kerzner personally selected Brett and BRB to be the creator and executor of the new overall marketing campaign, ‘ONLY IN ATLANTIS.’ Atlantis and BRB will maximize this fully-integrated campaign by utilizing technology and new media to amplify their message and reach new audiences, while changing the way a hospitality brand is marketed to an ever-discerning consumer.

The campaign goes back to the resort’s roots in entertainment—Atlantis is, and always will be, an entertainment experience for guests. Under the direction of Ratner, the broadcast and digital components were shot in the style of a film production by hand-selected, world-class entertainment talent including state-of-the-art special effects by Andrew Daffy and The Mill (Die Another Day, 28 Weeks Later); photography by the highly-regarded Director of Photography Darius Khondji (The Ruins); and choreography by Frank Gatson Jr., the six-time Best Choreography VMA winner (2009 Video of the Year, Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’). Special effects transform the hero family into fish, dolphins and manta rays as they explore this enchanting paradise. By using world-renowned entertainment industry talent, Ratner portrays the fun of staying at the resort while maintaining the magic of the integration of marine life and human life. The setting of the resort, filmed over three days in October, 2009, is rich with color, light and the juxtaposition of turquoise water and blindingly white sand beaches. Each ad captures a moment in time at the resort and things that can happen ‘only in Atlantis.’

‘ONLY IN ATLANTIS’ campaign elements include TV spots, including an extended-length director’s cut for non-traditional use, online banners and pre-roll and an integrated print campaign, all shot by Ratner. Additionally, a QR (Quick Response) Code is embedded in the print ads, which provide access to the director’s cut of the ‘film’ as well as relevant versions of the commercial. This is accessed by any QR-enabled mobile device and will be updated to grow with the campaign and promote future Atlantis projects. This February, users will also be able to download an immersive iphone application that allows them to create “to do lists” for their holiday, explore the property, book trips, communicate with resort specialists, play exclusive games and stay up-to-date on resort happenings.

In a nod to Atlantis’ role as the largest open-air marine habitat in the world and a virtual aquatic playground for guests of all ages, BRB created What Fish Are You? Employing Augmented Reality as an immersive casual gaming experience both online and on social networking platforms, consumers can utilize their webcam to record their facial characteristics and become the species of fish they most resemble. After users are transformed into a fish, they can play a game as their aquatic counterpart. As a fish, one can eat or touch items swimming by or floating in the water. Alternatively, BRB created a virtual rendition of the Ruins Lagoon, the resort’s largest marine habitat, in which users, as the fish they created, will swim through the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis. By color grading the webcam’s feed, BRB creates the impression the user’s computer interface is under water—bubbles appear, fish swim by, etc. The technology is designed to allow users to personalize and apply it to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


“The whole idea of Brett Ratner Brands is to leverage my creativity and connectivity on behalf of the brands I represent. The ‘ONLY IN ATLANTIS’ campaign is exactly the type of work I had in mind when I started BRB,’ said Brett Ratner, President of BRB. ‘It was a pleasure to work with Sol and the Kerzner team throughout the creation, development and production of every aspect of the campaign—from TV to print to multiple aspects of digital and mobile media, and this is only the beginning.”