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Knowland Group Finds Twilight Heartthrobs Increase Hotel Sales

According to the Knowland Group, a leading provider of business development solutions for the hospitality industry, hotels capitalizing on Twilight mania are increasing sales. Local Pacific Northwest hotels are using popular scenes with romantic vampire Edward Cullen and shirtless Quileute wolf Jacob Black to attract fans. The properties offer exclusive events and getaways so fans can live the ultimate Twilight experience.

The View Point Inn, located in Corbett, OR, was the venue used for Edward and Bella’s prom in Twilight. The hotel actively encourages Twilight business by hosting original parties, including an actor’s gala, dinners with a Twilight-inspired menu, and Twilight tours. “Sales have definitely increased! We have guests who come from all over the world to stay with us and check out where the movie was filmed,” said Events Coordinator Katrina Pickett.

This upcoming fall The View Point Inn will be holding a Vampire Ball. Just because it’s a vampire-themed event doesn’t mean that guests are required to be blood-thirsty like Edward. “We welcome all twilight fans and encourage them to dine or stay with us to get the full experience of the darker side of the View Point Inn,” Pickett stated.

Quileute Nation’s Oceanside Resort, located in LaPush, WA, has also seen an increase in sales since Jacob walked the resort’s beaches on the movie screen. In an effort to entice Twifans, the resort partnered with a local fishing charter company to provide Twilight tours. Popular scenes from the movie can be seen during the tour, including the cliff where Jake saved Bella.

The resort has offered special Twilight room packages, held Jacob and Bella look-a-like contests, and recently celebrated the grand opening of a two bedroom, Twilight-inspired cabin. “It’s more about Jacob and the wolf-pack – the legend of the Quileute people,” Resort Manager Nathan LaPlante stated. “The wolves and Jacob really tie into the community and the resort as well. That’s what we’re trying to do.”


It’s evident that whether it’s an intimate evening with Edward or a walk on the beach with Jacob, these hotels have increased event sales and overnight rooms by embracing the Twilight movies. They are proactive in attracting Twifans and are able to continue increasing sales by presenting options for that specific market. The final two Twilight saga films have yet to be released so there’s still time to bite the sales!