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Atlantis Atlas Project launches on World Ocean Day

Atlantis Atlas Project launches on World Ocean Day

Today, on World Oceans Day, Atlantis Dubai is launching its brand-new, pioneering sustainability initiative, Atlantis Atlas Project.

Atlantis Atlas Project will be the cornerstone of an overall commitment to sustainability – and offers guests and visitors the chance to not only experience a world away from their everyday, but to go on an educational journey.

There will be a chance to learn about marine conservation and animal welfare as well as taste sustainably sourced food, grown and harvested locally in Dubai.

Atlantis Atlas Project provides a more holistic responsible tourism experience for guests and visitors keen to reduce their ecological footprint and discover more about marine life and conservation efforts during their stay.

Atlantis Atlas Project aims to do business in ways that are good for people and planet and is focused around four core pillars: responsible operations, education & awareness, marine conservation & animal welfare and corporate social responsibility.


These fully incorporate the destination’s commitment to economic, social, and environmental responsibility – and provide plenty of opportunities for visitors and guests to experience and learn more about their local environment both in and outside of the resort. 

Kyp Charalambous, vice president, sales, Atlantis Dubai, said: “Atlantis Atlas Project has been years in the making and consolidates all of the industry-leading work on environmental and social responsibility that Atlantis Dubai has already been driving forward, as well as our long-term vision to pioneer educational tourism which cares for people and planet.

“Our ambition, through Atlantis Atlas Project, is to engage guests in our conservation efforts to help them discover more about the natural world, through our team of trained marine specialists and world-class aquatic environments, experience sustainably sourced and locally grown food, and importantly, secure genuine environmental impacts – through our own programmes and through contributions to strategic project partners biannually.

“Atlantis Atlas Project is centred around protecting and preserving our natural world through awareness and education – and our journey is just getting started.”

Designed to drive sustainability not just within Atlantis Dubai, but across the travel and tourism industry, the hospitality industry, in the region and beyond, Atlantis Atlas Project has a long-term roadmap for sustainable, responsible tourism with education at its core.

In addition, by booking an educational experience at Atlantis, Dubai, guests, and visitors will be making an active contribution to the conservation and preservation of the environment.

For every marine animal experience booked, US$1 will be donated to conservation, sustainability, and environmental education initiatives, that will be selected twice annually as part of Atlantis Atlas Project to make a measurable impact to the natural world.