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Americans seek air travel Security

Americans seek air travel Security

According to new America THINKS survey results from HNTB Corporation, Americans are clamoring most for aviation infrastructure improvements that will make them feel safer.

“As our aviation infrastructure priorities are debated and future funding questioned on Capitol Hill, it’s crucial to look at what matters most to the nation’s air travelers,” said Paul Yarossi, president of HNTB Holdings Ltd. “Clearly, the majority of Americans say safety and security is of utmost importance to them.”

More than six in ten (62 percent) Americans say they care most about improvements to either in-flight or pre-flight safety, rather than overall convenience (21 percent) or sustainability (12 percent).

“The challenge for those who design and operate airports is creating the highest level of security and convenience possible,” said Yarossi, who also serves as chairman of HNTB’s Aviation services.

Legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration and related funding priorities for the nation’s aviation infrastructure has been pending since 2007.


A major component of future aviation infrastructure improvements is the Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, a satellite-based digital navigation and communication system designed to replace radar-based systems introduced in the 1940s. It has the potential to make modern air travel safer, more secure and more reliable. Currently, more than half of Americans (53 percent) support such a change.

“Some airports and airlines already are making investments in this necessary technology, even with returns years in the future,” Yarossi said. “Getting NextGen off the ground begins with an educated, supportive public and a commitment from Congress to a multi-year reauthorization bill.”