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Marriott Hotels UK Celebrates Hotel Refurbishment with Unique Twitter Campaign

Marriott Hotels UK Celebrates Hotel Refurbishment with Unique Twitter Campaign

Marriott Marriott Hotels is celebrating the completion of a major refurbishment project across its UK city hotels and country clubs with an innovative review campaign communicated via Twitter.

The Twitter campaign invites a number of well-known Twitterers, including celebrities and journalists, to review the refurbished Marriott Hotels instantly online by communicating their thoughts and experiences to followers live on Twitter. By introducing this innovative and instantaneous style of hotel feedback into its campaign strategy, Marriott presents a strong message to its guests, that it is confident in its high standards across newly refurbished UK hotels and country clubs. 

To date, well-known UK based Tweeters such as presenter Gail Porter, Adulthood actor Noel Clarke, actress Kaya Scodelario, best known for her character in E4’s top edgy series Skins and E! Entertainment presenter Sam Mann. We have also worked with national and freelance UK based journalists including Jill Starley-Grainger and Danielle Lawler.

This creative campaign utilizes the power and speed of Twitter to reinforce Marriott’s communication streams with its guests. Marriott values social media channels as a way to rapidly share information, opinions and news with a wide-ranging group of social media users.

“Twitter is an incredibly powerful communication tool and whilst we are not attempting to replace traditional methods of hotel reviewing, we want to communicate news of the refurbished hotels in an original and forward thinking way that resonates well with our guests.” says Osama Hirzalla, Vice President Brand Marketing and eCommerce, Europe.


Marriott’s Twitter campaign was launched at the beginning of the year to communicate the substantial investment which was rolled out across UK hotels and country clubs. It also provides Marriott with a great opportunity to engage with new audiences directly in a creative and unique way.

The Twitter campaign comes as part of Marriott UK’s overall social media strategy. The hotel group sees social media as a key platform for further engaging an influential and rapidly growing segment of its guests, who are highly active Twitter and social media users.  The campaign is the first of its kind in the hotel industry and strengthens the hotel group’s presence in these influential social media networks. 

“It is important that Marriott has a presence everywhere our guests are and this includes Twitter.” says Greg Dwyer, Director of Marketing, UK & Ireland. “By launching the current Twitter campaign we are reaching new customers and fostering relationships with valued guests.”

Marriott’s extensive refurbishment project was rolled out across UK properties, including town and city locations and nine stunning country clubs, to improve the quality and standard of facilities. The project involved the transformation of more than 5,000 guestrooms, hundreds of meeting rooms and also included, restaurants, lobbies, leisure clubs and public areas, significantly enhancing Marriott’s UK offering.