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Amadeus to distribute Ouigo following new SNCF deal

Amadeus to distribute Ouigo following new SNCF deal

Amadeus and SNCF have completed a renewed distribution agreement designed to make it easier for travel sellers to book rail and high-speed train tickets.

Following the signing, Amadeus will play an active role in extending the distribution of Ouigo content to travel agencies in France.

The SNCF subsidiary is a low-cost service of conventional and high-speed trains in France.

Michael Stalter, head of rail sales, Amadeus, said: “Rail is increasingly seen as a preferred option for travellers in Europe, not least due to its better sustainability credentials when compared to flying.

“As such, Amadeus works aiming to offer the richest range of rail content to our travel seller partners.

“Together, we are supporting travel industry technology transformation to continuously deliver the greatest value to all stakeholders.”

From 2024, travel sellers in France will be able to include Ouigo content in their trip management flows (from Search to After-Sales) through existing solutions, like Amadeus Rail Display in the Amadeus Selling Platform.

The tool makes booking a trip by rail easy, with users able to explore multiple railways with real-time availability, fares and schedules comparison in just one place.

Frédéric Laurent-Miel, head of agencies and companies distribution, Amadeus, said: “SNCF has been investing in this area for a sustained period and, alongside Amadeus, we provide efficiency to rail distribution.

“Now, travel sellers will have access to new rail options, and the ability to choose the relevant solution for customers in terms of fares, trip duration, ancillary services, comfort and proximity to city centres.”

SNCF is the national state-owned railway company of France.

Founded in 1938, it operates the national rail network, including TGV high-speed services.

Chris O’Toole