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Air France flight AF447 flight recorder located

Air France flight AF447 flight recorder located

Officials scouring the Atlantic seabed have located one of the two flight recorders from Air France flight AF 447.

The flight was lost on June 1st 2009, killing all 228 people on board.

France’s Bureau of Investigation revealed earlier one of the recorders – believed to be in “good physical condition” – was located off the coast of Brazil.

The wreckage of the doomed flight was located last month during a search of 10,000 sq km of seabed.

The Paris-bound Air France jet went down after running into an intense high-altitude thunderstorm in 2009.

Details of the crash have remained sketchy, with investigators warning the true cause may never be known.

The plane crashed four hours following take-off from Rio de Janeiro.

Experts say the data in the flight recorders - which records cockpit conversations – will now offer the only hope of finding out why the plane crashed into the sea.