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Ahead of FITUR TourReview unveils Spain’s ten best-rated travel destinations in 2023

Ahead of FITUR TourReview unveils Spain’s ten best-rated travel destinations in 2023

Ahead of FITUR, TourReview, the technology-driven travel review platform for the tours and activities sector, has released its findings on Spain’s tourism landscape in 2023.

Analysing over 1.9 million reviews from platforms including TripAdvisor, Google, GetYourGuide, Expedia, and Viator, the report from TourReview sheds light on the most coveted destinations in the fragmented tours & activities space where reviews are considered the most valuable asset.

Jose Arozarena, CEO at TourReview, commented: “Real-time feedback on what travellers value is essential for providers of tours and activities to adapt their products, build their teams, adjust pricing, and more. The insights derived from this snapshot of Spain tell us much about what travellers visiting the country really want. Providers all across the country should be thinking about what these leading experiences are doing that they can learn from and borrow from.”

Arozarena further added, “As part of our commitment to enhancing the tours and activities sector, TourReview will be actively engaging with industry leaders, sharing our insights at FITUR Madrid. We are excited to unveil not only the best-rated destinations but also discuss how our platform is poised to contribute to the evolution of the industry.”

The following Spanish cities ranking among the top ten, according to traveller evaluations on a scale of 1 to 5 are:


Barcelona (1,089,128 reviews) received a 4.38 rating. Barcelona takes the lead with a solid rating of 4.38, emphasising its appeal for travellers seeking quality gastronomic experiences. Iconic attractions such as La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló contribute to its international acclaim.
Madrid (665,239 reviews): Rating: 4.03. Securing the second spot with a rating of 4.03, Madrid captivates tourists with cultural landmarks like the Parque del Retiro and the Prado Museum. Gastronomic tours also play a significant role in the city’s experiences offering to travellers.
Seville (38,957 reviews): Rating: 3.97. Seville earns the third place with a rating of 3.97 and showcases a captivating mix of Flamenco shows, the Plaza España, and gastronomic tours, solidifying its position as a top travel destination.
Santiago de Compostela (15,529 reviews): Rating: 4.23. Santiago de Compostela, earning a rating of 4.23, stands out for its cultural jewels, including the iconic Cathedral and picturesque landscapes, making it a preferred destination for day excursions.
Malaga (9,880 reviews): Rating: 3.98. With a rating of 3.98, Malaga entices visitors with cultural attractions like the Glass and Crystal Museum and the Picasso Museum, as well as its delightful climate.
Mallorca (7,283 reviews): Rating: 3.80. Mallorca secures the sixth spot with a rating of 3.80, primarily influenced by tours exploring its natural attractions, including pristine beaches and turquoise waters.
Valencia (5,783 reviews): Rating: 3.85. Valencia, at seventh place with a rating of 3.85, offers a perfect day with its iconic paella, Arts and Sciences Museum, and natural parks.
San Sebastian-Donostia (4,842 reviews) rating: 3.97. San Sebastian - Donostia, with a rating of 3.97, entices visitors with stunning beaches and a gastronomic scene that places it among the top travel destinations.
Toledo (1,038 reviews): Rating: 4.49. Toledo, earning a rating of 4.49, enchants tourists with its walled mediaeval city and exceptional sightseeing tours.
Bilbao (938 reviews): Rating: 5.00. Bilbao, rounding off the list with a perfect rating of 5.00, boasts one of the world’s most renowned museums, the Guggenheim, while its gastronomic scene solidifies its appeal among international tourists.