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Advantage launches Keep Calm Travel On consumer ad campaign

Advantage launches Keep Calm Travel On consumer ad campaign

Advantage Travel Partnership has launched a new proactive consumer social media campaign, #KeepCalmTravelOn, to encourage travellers to continue taking trips during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The new consumer targeted Instagram account will post advice and travel deals, images and videos, to demonstrate that the public can still travel to the majority of destinations by following Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice.

“We are asking our friends across the industry to join us in our new campaign by sharing with us their recent travel images or videos using the #KeepCalmTravelOn hashtag.

“Global Travel Group and Travel Gossip have committed to collaborate and we are also speaking to other industry colleagues.


“We hope to show through the sharing of positive and exciting imagery, alongside advice and amazing travel deals, that exploration of the world can still be enjoyed,” commented Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive of Advantage Travel Partnership.

“Covid-19 presents a rare and difficult situation for the travel industry but we believe that through collaboration with members, suppliers, partners, travel industry professionals and media friends we can visually show there are still lots of ways to safely travel and enjoy many destinations throughout the world.”

Advantage Travel Partnership is the largest independent travel agent partnership in the UK.

Advantage leisure and business travel agents who are part of the group are each independently owned, but as a collective they produce over £4.5 billion of travel sales each year.