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Acentic joins HTNG to promote open interface technology to the hotel industry

Acentic joins HTNG to promote open interface technology to the hotel industry

Acentic, a leading supplier of broadband systems and digital interactive TV (iTV) for the hotel industry, has announced that it has joined Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), a global trade association dedicated to enhancing the deployment of technology in hotels. Acentic intends to support HTNG in moving the complex ecosystem of the hotel industry into a more formalised approach to technology integration.

Acentic has several years of proven experience creating mutually beneficial partnerships with other hospitality technology suppliers through their easily understood open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable easy integration of third party applications.

“Acentic will be able to bring its experience of what a hotel environment really is- that is to say, a mix of networks as opposed to the illusion that all hoteliers will implement IP in existing properties,” said Richard Robinson, CEO of Acentic.

Through successful programs such as Acentic Horizon, that provides a cost-effective bundled solution due to the single PMS interface needed, Acentic has consistently been able to offer its services over legacy coaxial networks as well as IP networks that enable hotels to provide a state-of-the-art communication system that meets the evolving lifestyles of guests without the heavy upfront investment costs of a completely new delivery system.

Commenting on the collaboration, Bryan Hammer, Director of IT EAME for Starwood Hotels, who serves as HTNG’s EAME Co-Chair of its Infrastructure & Device Forum, said, “HTNG serves as a neutral meeting place for suppliers and hoteliers, allowing an open exchange of ideas within specific work groups. When dynamic work group leaders are in place we are seeing cooperation between players who otherwise would have found it hard to exchange their ideas openly. HTNG provides an interesting framework for medium- to long-term developments”.


Acentic expects the collaboration with HTNG to help to widen the Acentic’s reach into new geographies. In particular, as Acentic expands into Asia, the Middle East and other territories.