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Future Inns Cardiff Bay gets ‘smart technology’ to hotel rooms

Future Inns Cardiff Bay gets ‘smart technology’ to hotel rooms

Acentic, a leading supplier of broadband systems and digital interactive TV (iTV) for the hotel industry, announced today that it is providing its latest SMART IPTV solution combined with Horizon high-speed internet connectivity to Canadian hotel brand’s first UK hotel; Future Inns Cardiff Bay.

Future Inns Cardiff Bay is the first hotel in Europe to benefit from Acentic’s new IPTV solution, offering its guests a wide range of digital Freeview TV, HD and radio channels. Its 200 guest rooms and suites have been installed with the new technology providing an upscale in-room experience.

Utilising the hotel’s existing IP network, Acentic has installed its SMART IPTV solution together with LG’s LD650 smart LCD TVs that enhance picture and sound quality, while promoting the hotel brand when switching on the TV. The smart solution eliminates the need for external hardware or additional cabling replacing the set-top box with a sophisticated software application that fully supports all functionality and on-screen usage.

&qu ot;Our latest SMART IPTV solution has been developed to offer hotels and other multi-room businesses, an advanced cost-effective solution that adapts to our customers’ needs and requirements. The solution is being further developed to seamlessly interface with Acentic’s Panorama SMART platform and support all mobile and on-screen apps, guest services and mobile devices”, said Richard Robinson, CEO Acentic. “Being one of the few providers in Europe to offer this technology we strive to work with the hotel industry to drive ROI with future-proof, smart technology”.

“Acentic’s SMART IPTV and Internet connectivity leverage our in-room technology offering to meet our guests’ needs. The fast and smooth installation as well as the unique picture and sound quality, not only increases our guests’ satisfaction but al so provides our hotel with the smart technology of today”, said Paul Lago, Group Operations Manager, Future Inns UL Ltd.