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ABTA releases new Travel Day of Action information

ABTA releases new Travel Day of Action information

Updated information on the activities around the Travel Day of Action has been published by ATBA.

The event is scheduled to take place on June 23rd across the UK.

Luke Petherbridge, director of Public Affairs at ABTA, said: “The Travel Day of Action is an opportunity for the whole industry to urge the UK government and devolved administrations to speak up for travel.

“Throughout this entire pandemic the UK travel industry has had nowhere near the level of support needed to deal with the devastating impact this crisis has had on people’s jobs, livelihoods and businesses.

“Figures don’t do justice in explaining the financial and emotional toll this has taken on those working in travel.”


He added: “It has been fantastic to see such great support and interest in the Travel Day of Action, and there are lots of different ways that people will be able to get involved – including via social media, meeting with their MPs or joining events in London, Edinburgh or Belfast.”

There is more information on what to expect during the event here.

Petherbridge continued: “It is really important that people strictly follow the rules and requirements around Covid-19 and arrangements for the day.

“We want the Day of Action to generate positive sentiment and constructive support for the industry.”

He concluded: “Anyone wishing to attend the organised lobby on College Green, Westminster, must register in advance via their trade association.

“We have permission for 400 people to be on College Green at any one time and have two time slots, meaning we could have up to 800 people – including press, MPs and organisers.

“If you move beyond College Green then you will need to abide by all of the usual social distancing measures, including no groups of more than 30 people together outside.”