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A website dedicated to the increasing world of buy on board airline meals

A website dedicated to the increasing world of buy on board airline meals

A passionate foodie and airline enthusiast by the name of Nikos decided to embark on a journey to sample what the airlines serve to passengers inflight, specifically buy on board options.

The Cologne-based Australian recently launched a website called, dedicated to evaluating the buy-on-board food & beverage menus of airlines around the world. The website highlights over 80 airlines worldwide who offer paid meals and snacks to passengers. He kicked off the business with a 27,000 kilometer journey on 22 airlines through Europe to taste, test and review the food options.

“I wanted to show passengers that there are great options out there to choose from. I don’t believe that anyone has ever completed a trip such as this before, it was certainly interesting.” says Nikos.

During the trip Nikos flew 2-4 different airlines each day, breakfast on Iberia, lunch on Air Berlin, dinner on Easyjet was a normal day for him. He took photos, timed cabin crew service levels, reviewed the inflight meal purchases and compiled a video of the whole experience.

“Each airline offered different levels of inflight meal options for passengers. Some were excellent, others mediocre” says Nikos. “Possibly the best options were the pre order options, where passengers pre order a deluxe meal, which is usually of a business class standard.”


Nikos is now asking the general public to get involved. Passengers travelling on airlines who offer buy on board meals can now review their inflight meal experience and share photos and their review with future travellers of the airline. It’s a great way to see whether or not what is displayed on the menu is actually served to passengers.

Passengers can review their inflight meal options at, which displays premium meal upgrades for economy class passengers, and traditional buy on board options which many airlines are now implementing around the world.