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Enterprise plants 1m Arbor Day trees

Enterprise plants 1m Arbor Day trees

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation is seeking to boost its environmental credentials with the planting of one million trees around the world.

In support of the American Arbor Day celebrations – which see US citizens encouraged to plant trees across North America – the car rental giant has selected six locations in dire need of reforestation.

The 2010 theme sees Enterprise focus on forests which are essential to local water sources, including two forests in California, where 50 per cent of the water supply originates in the state’s national forests.

Demand for water continues to increase rapidly, with the United Nations estimating nearly 70 per cent of the global population will have problems accessing fresh water by 2017.

“Restoring and protecting national forests is just one of the ways Enterprise contributes to environmental sustainability in the countries in which our company operates,” explained Enterprise Holdings chairman Andy Taylor (pictured).

This is the fifth year the car rental organisation has participated in the scheme – with five million trees planted as a result.

Over the coming decades Enterprise plans to plant 50 million trees, as part of the company’s 50 Million Tree Pledge to the US Forest Service.

“The planting of our five millionth tree in 2010 demonstrates our long-term commitment to this issue,” added Mr Taylor.

Tree planting on Arbor Day

Other Enterprise tree planting projects for 2010 include Flathead National Forest, Montana, Payette National Forest, Idaho and Manitoba Forest, Canada.

The UK is also set to benefit, with 50,000 tress set to be planted in Cowal and Trossachs Forest District, Scotland.

The plantings in the Flathead, Sequoia, San Bernardino, Payette and Manitoba Forests will be completed in spring of 2010; the planting in Cowal and Trossachs Forest District will be completed in the fall.

More information about Enterprise’s environmental initiatives can be found at KeystoGreen.