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88% want to leave ‘Broken Britain’ for new life abroad

88% want to leave ‘Broken Britain’ for new life abroad

A new survey by flight comparison site Skyscanner has revealed that a massive 88% of Brits are dissatisfied with life in Britain and would consider moving abroad within the next five years.

Over a thousand people (1167) took part in the survey which showed that many believed they could enjoy a better life overseas.
The current recession appears to be playing a major part in the increased appeal of moving abroad with rising costs in the UK, cheaper property abroad and better job opportunities abroad collectively taking 29% of the votes.
However the lure of sunnier climes was also a major factor taking 19% of the votes while 20% were enticed by a perceived “better lifestyle”.

Worryingly, 39% of those who would consider leaving the UK are aged 18-45; if they did choose to emigrate it could put huge pressure the UK’s already ageing population.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor commented:
“For many people the idea of ‘living the dream’ abroad is very alluring. The Skyscanner survey revealed that our perception of life abroad is very positive – perhaps overly so – and many people come back from a holiday enamoured with their destination. Interestingly, Spain and USA were two of the most popular places even though both countries are currently suffering from their own economic problems.

“The reality of uprooting yourself and moving to a different country comes with its own frustrations and difficulties, but for those who take the challenge it can be a very enriching and rewarding experience.”


Unsurprisingly, English speaking nations which had a similar culture and close ties with the UK were the most popular target countries, with Australia taking 15% of the vote and US, Canada and New Zealand ranking in the top five.  Spain, which is the Brits’ most popular holiday destination, was in second place with 14% of the vote, and already homes a huge number of British citizens along its southern and eastern ‘Costas’.

Top 5 Most Coveted Countries to Move to
1.    Australia (15%)
2.    Spain (14%)
3.    USA (13%)
4.    Canada (8%)
5.    New Zealand (7%)
6.    France (6%)
7.    Italy (5.5%)
8.    Cyprus (3%)
9.    Portugal (2.5%)
10.  Thailand (2%)