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84.5% growth for French e-travel provider in 2011

84.5% growth for French e-travel provider in 2011, a bespoke travel designer, looks at 2011 and reveals its expectations for 2012. Fair weather ahead for this tourism company: expansion and recruitment are in the works for this promising new year.

A rocketing turnover

Since its creation in December 2007, Planetveo has continuously explored all parts of the globe to offer original and unusual trips. Active in several fields of long-haul travel, the company has developed destination-specific websites with a dedicated team of experts. Combining two successful trends - e-tourism and bespoke travel - Geoffroy de Becdelievre, its CEO, knows how to multiply its results tenfold year after year.

In 2010, two years after its creation,'s turnover was 12.3 million Euros. With double-digit growth and a turnover of 22.7 million Euros in 2011, this small French business is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. And 2012 is also looking extremely promising, as the company should see a minimum growth of 40%.

Geoffroy de Becdelievre stated: "Today, we are not affected by the financial crisis. People are being more careful with their money, of course, but they are not willing to give up travelling. Our excellent value for money, our expertise and the ongoing diversification of our offers allow us to expect continued growth and a turnover of 100 million Euros around 2015-2016."


Double the jobs

To keep up with this promising growth, the young entrepreneur isn't afraid to maximise investment in human capital. With an increase from 45 to 80 associates between the end of 2010 and the end of 2011,'s workforce resembles its boss: they are atypical! And that is not all, Geoffroy de Becdelievre is looking forward to being able to recruit large numbers of new employees in the next few months: around forty positions need to be filled.

They are mostly looking for travel consultants and booking agents to respond to the diversification of destinations as well as the growing demand from travellers.

Aurelien Chabrol, Sales Manager, adds: " is particularly looking for travel consultants with specific knowledge of a destination. Just like the founder and all the associates, the candidates that we select have an in-depth knowledge of the country they are appointed to, but are also travellers and adventurers in their hearts, while being very sensitive to customer support, which is a key value of this company."