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SeaWorld Invites Guests to Celebrate National Dolphin Day with Dolphin Presentations and Experiences

SeaWorld Invites Guests to Celebrate National Dolphin Day with Dolphin Presentations and Experiences

National Dolphin Day is this Sunday, April 14th, and SeaWorld is inviting guests to celebrate by diving into unique up-close encounters and interactions with the ocean’s most playful ambassadors – and one of the most popular animals at the SeaWorld parks. In addition to daily educational sessions and presentations, guests can purchase special add-on experience packages for once-in-a-lifetime dolphin interactions. Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum Pass Members can take advantage of discounts up to 20% off zoological experiences.

For an immersive, dolphin-inspired day, guests can check out the Animal Experience options at the parks, including opportunities to meet the world-class animal care team, participate in a training session and feeding, learn different hand signals used to communicate, and get a front row seat to enrichment activities and playtime. Guests can also go all-in with the option to be a Trainer for the Day, joining the team of zoological experts for a unique, action-packed, behind-the-seas experience.

Daily presentations in the parks, included with park admission, explore dolphins’ natural behaviors, the traits they’ve evolved to help them survive and thrive as well as what’s behind their playfulness and how it helps with research and discoveries. Guests who want the best view of the presentations have the opportunity to purchase Reserved Seating, where available.

And, while on the surface, it may all look like fun and games, SeaWorld’s expert animal care team is serious about its commitment to providing the highest standards of care, focusing on the physical, social, behavioral and mental needs of each species in its care. SeaWorld is a global leader in animal welfare, training, and veterinary care, and is one of the leading marine animal rescue organizations in the world with a legacy of rescuing and caring for animals that spans nearly 60 years, including coming to the aid of over 41,000 animals in need. In addition, the SeaWorld Conservation Fund has supported and funded dolphin research and conservation projects around the world.

“At SeaWorld, our mission extends beyond our parks and resonates across oceans, aiding dolphins in the wild,” said Dr. Chris Dold, chief zoological officer of United Parks & Resorts. “Through our tireless efforts in rehabilitation and research, we’re not just caring for dolphins, but also helping to safeguard their future and the health of our marine ecosystem. Our team’s expertise, coupled with our conservation partners, enables us to ensure dolphins thrive in their natural habitats for generations to come.”


Aiding in Dolphin Rescues, Returns and Providing Expert Veterinary Care
SeaWorld is one of the largest marine animal rescue organizations in the world with trusted rescue teams on the West Coast, East Coast and Texas gulf. SeaWorld Rescue Teams are on call 24/7 to help ill, injured or orphaned animals in need of expert care with the goal of rehabilitation and returning them to the wild. The small percentage of animals with conditions deeming them non-releasable are given lifelong expert care at with SeaWorld or at another accredited facility.

Throughout its history, SeaWorld has come to the aid of nearly 600 dolphins, whales, and porpoises. As part of its legacy of rescue work, SeaWorld has developed a unique dolphin care system and has pioneered significant dolphin veterinary advancements involving custom nebulizers, blood parameters, milk matrix, intubations, surgeries, stem cells and more.

Best Way to Play
The best way to learn about and experience dolphins and other marine animals up close, take in the SeaWorld 60th Anniversary Celebrations and explore “So Much More to Sea” this year is with an Annual Pass. Annual Passholders enjoy 12 months of visits with special benefits like exclusive access to new events and attractions, FREE parking, FREE guest tickets, access to special VIP events, savings on merchandise and more! Guests are invited to check out the park’s local webpages for special offers on tickets and passes – SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio and SeaWorld San Diego.