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41% drop in flight searches to Bangkok

41% drop in flight searches to Bangkok

Barry Smith, Skyscanner Co-Founder commented:

“Following the tense situation in Bangkok which has turned increasingly more violent this week, Skyscanner has seen a 41% drop in flight searches to Bangkok.

“It has taken some time for the situation to have a serious impact on Thailand’s popularity in our search rankings - despite the FCO advising against all but essential travel to Bangkok since last month, our data at the end of April showed that tourists weren’t being put off flying to the Thai capital. However the ongoing protest and increasing violence, which has seen at least 74 people killed and a British journalist shot, is now causing a serious drop in Bangkok’s popularity.

“However, this may be a short lived fall. Skyscanner’s data shows that typically, countries can recover quickly from political unrest and visitors may just be waiting to see how the situation resolves before booking, rather than changing their plans completely. Even with this drop, Thailand remains one of the top destinations for Brits this summer so, unless the Bangkok crisis is prolonged, visitor numbers should recover in time for summer season.”