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13% happy to sleep with strangers on flights says Skyscanner

13% happy to sleep with strangers on flights says Skyscanner

13% of people would be happy to share a Skycouch with a stranger they met in queue, according to the latest poll from flight comparison site Skyscanner.

The Skycouch, which has been developed by Air New Zealand, works by converting a row of three airline seats into a bed. It is being heralded as the first ‘lie-down economy bed’, and the first major improvement in economy class travel comfort in 20 years. Three seats must be purchased together, with the third seat offered at a discounted rate. Each of the seats has a cushion that folds up from beneath and arm rests all tuck away, creating a flat mattress that will allow two adults to stretch out.

The seats on relatively cheap flights in Economy class have always lacked severely in comfort compared to their Business class counterparts but with this new innovation the gap has been significantly bridged for long haul flights such as cheap flights to Sydney from the UK.

73% of the people who voted in Skyscanner’s poll said that they would happily pay the extra for a Skycouch, of which 60.5% said they would only share with their partner. 25% said that they wouldn’t pay the extra and would rather save their money.

Nearly 500 people voted in the poll, and the overall results show that Air New Zealand’s innovation is a winner with long haul flyers and a lucrative move for the airline.


Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director said:

“We applaud Air New Zealand for making long haul flying more comfortable. We knew people would like the idea, but we were amazed that so many would be happy to share the Skycouch with a stranger they’d only just met at the airport. It could lead to new relationships blooming at twenty thousand feet, although Air New Zealand have stressed that Skycouches should not be used to join the ‘mile high’ club.”