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Why you should do a self drive safari in Uganda

Why you should do a self drive safari in Uganda

Car rental services in Uganda are becoming increasingly popular and a self guided option is becoming the most affordable way for one to explore what this country holds for the world! You can easily traverse the country at your own pace and time with a rental car in Uganda. With self drive safaris, visitors have opportunity to explore and discover Uganda privately or alternatively while on guided safaris. With developing infrastructure, travelers that are used to travels with a rental car have a wide range of options for cars for hire thus enabling travelers to realize their dreams while on African safari in the pearl of Africa. ‘

If you ever thought about realizing the value for your then get in touch with one of the local agencies that offer Uganda car hire and you won’t regret in life. The best thing is that there are several professional agencies that pay attention to client’s needs and thus will ensure a quality service that will suit your interest and needs.

Below are some of the reasons why you should embark on self drive safari in Uganda;

Freedom to Go Anywhere
Uganda is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is a lot of amazing touristic destinations that you can visit in Uganda. From popular national parks to less know game reserves, you have a choice of destinations to visit on a self guided holiday through the Pearl of Africa.

Planning your own self drive trip will enable you choose which destinations you can add into your own itinerary. You will also explore the chosen places at your own pace and time.

This is far more interesting than if you opt for a guided tour that is strictly followed by your tour guide.

Wide Range of Options
There is a wide range of cars available or hire in Uganda. From classic vehicles such as the limousines and the luxury SUVs to customized safari cars, lots of options await you. The most popular cars utilized by travelers on self drive safaris are mainly 4wd safari vehicles most especially the Land Cruiser, Toyota Rav4s, safari vans and others. For those who are interested in group tours, classic minivans and 4x4 coaster buses are available for use. Be rest assured that you will travel safely and comfortably to your respective destination.

It is Easy to Rent a Car
It is easy to rent a car for your travel in Uganda. There are several car rental companies in Uganda and you will easily find a name that you can trust.

The process of also making your booking has also been made easy! Fast and convenience rights from reservation is all you need to secure a rental car for your trip.  It is important to book your rental car online. There is no need to struggle or line up in long queues to reach the receptionist to make a booking. Visitors can simply place your booking via email or telephone. Your car hire will be booked for you within the shortest time without necessarily you traveling physically to the company office.

Reliable Cars for your Trip
Reliability is an important aspect when choosing a rental car. With a growing number of positive reviews of past clients who have gone on self guided trips, you can secure a reliable car that you can use during your holiday.

To ensure reliability, you need to make your booking with a car hire company that is recommended on Travel Platforms like Trip Advisor, Google, Safari Bookings and Trust Pilot.

Self Drive is Surprisingly Affordable
Renting a car can be cheaper in Uganda than elsewhere in East and Central Africa.

Several agencies offer strong 4 by 4 car rentals at pocket friendly prices. From as low as US$40 per day you can obtain a 4x4 car for your safari in Uganda.

For those who would like to save on both transportation and accommodation, there are rooftop tent car rental which you can obtain in Uganda. You can also choose an ordinary 4 by 4 with gear for your ground camping thus making your trip super affordable.

Unlimited Travel
Unlimited travel is all you need for a great expedition! Most car rentals in Uganda are issued on unlimited mileage, which means visitors can drive without restrictions and extra costs!

Wherever you plan to go, it is important to hire a car on unlimited mileage!  This will enable you enjoy your safari and explore more places than on aguided trip.

Rental cars aren’t only better and reliable but also offer you that total comfort that any traveler deserves while on self guided safari in Uganda and there is a dedicated team that can be contacted at any time for any assistance.

Absolute getaways, with self drive tours, visitors have a chance to retire the brain with amazing interaction with nature.

Self drive safaris in any new destination including Uganda are more adventurous. You have opportunity to explore and discover new interesting tourist sites own your own pace at your own time. The other advantage is that it offers better wildlife spotting experiences and close encounters for you and nature.