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The 5 Best International Carnivals

The 5 Best International Carnivals

More than 50 countries celebrate carnivals each year. They have different traditions. Carnivals started as a Western Christian practice during the Shrovetide period. Participants eat different foods and take alcohol. Some people consume butter, donuts, and milk in small quantities. The following are five top international carnivals you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Notting Hill Carnival (United Kingdom)
The Notting Hill Carnival occurs in West London each year after summer. It is the largest street party that is held in Europe. The carnival attracts two million participants from different regions and countries. It started in 1960 to celebrate the multicultural population in London.

Notting Hill Carnival lasts for a whole weekend. It includes colorful street parties and parades, elegant costumes and huge sound systems. They blast calypso, dance hall, reggae, and soca tunes. Delicious Caribbean cuisine is served in the carnival. You aren’t can take any amount of rum. You can take the fun with you, as you can enjoy playing JacpotCity online casino games while enjoying this great carnival.

2. Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival (Harbin, China)
The International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival is held in winter in Northeast China. Chilly winter winds blow over Harbin from Siberia. At times, the temperature drops to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This Chinese festival begins on January 5 and lasts for a month. It is one of the most exciting international carnivals in Asia.

Harbin has beautiful ice sculptures. It has two exhibition zones, the Songhua River and Sun Island. Bright lights illuminate tall ice block buildings at night. The Harbin carnival includes ice lantern tours, alpine skiing, and swimming.

3. Mardi Gras (New Orleans, US)
Mardi Gars started in Europe in the 18th century during the House of Bourbon dynasty. Wealthy families took part in the festival in the past. Both the young and old party in the streets. You aren’t required to wear a particular costume. Besides, you can collect cups and beads which other people toss in the air.

4. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
Tenerife is renowned for its many fiestas. Even so, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife attracts the largest number of participants in the Canary Islands. It lasts for 15 days during which tourists indulge in colorful parties and sing satirical hymns.

5. The Carnival of Venice (Venice, Italy)
Venice has unique canals and bridges. The Carnival of Venice started as a celebration of the Venice residents to commemorate its independence. It has significantly changed over the years. Participants wear porcelain masks.

Here are three common masks in The Carnival of Venice;
● Bauta: The mask covers the face and it has a thick ridge. Its chine allows you to eat, drink and talk without removing it. You can wear a bauta with black or red cape.

● Medico Della Peste: Venice citizens also call it the Plague Doctor. It has a hollow and prolonged beak with round eyeholes. Modern Medico dellas are colorful.

● Colombina: The half-mask covers your eyes, upper cheeks, and nose. You can decorate it with feathers, crystals or gold. It is appropriate for male and female revelers.

Many people associate the carnival season with funfair. Some carnival enthusiasts attend riotous celebrations and public parades. Bright illumination and indulgent rituals are common in most carnivals. You can attend the Rio carnival, Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Mardi Gras and the Carnival of Venice during your vacation.