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Where to visit for a white Christmas

Where to visit for a white Christmas

What do you want this Christmas? Presents? Of course. Fun with friends and family? Absolutely. A white Christmas? Most definitely!

A snowy festive scene is one of the most romantic sights in the world, but not every region is lucky enough to get the white stuff on Christmas Day.

However, thanks to a study by Betway Casino, you can maximise your chances of enjoying a while Christmas by visiting a few selected destinations around the world.

Based on World Weather Online data, only four capital cities across the globe have seen snow on over half of the Christmas Days since 2009.

Moscow is the pick with the bunch, with nine of the past 12 Christmases in the Russian capital having snowfall on the big day.

Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) and Tallinn (Estonia) are just behind with eight during the same period, while Reykjavik (Iceland) rounds off the top four with seven.

By contrast, London has not enjoyed a single white Christmas over the same period, which will no doubt be a source of frustration for people in the English capital.

One of the best countries for a white Christmas is undoubtedly Canada, with all of their provinces and territories seeing some snowfall over the last 12 years.

Nunavut is the pick of the bunch having experienced snow on nine occasions, just ahead of Northwest Territories which had eight.

Quebec is viewed by many people as the must-visit destination in Canada over the festive period and it certainly offers a good chance of snow.

Six of the past 12 Christmases in Quebec have seen snow, making it a great choice for anyone thinking of visiting at this time of year.

During the Christmas period, Quebec’s cobbled streets, designer boutiques and Parisian-style cafes are festively decorated, turning the city into a true Christmas village.

The German Christmas Market is well worth checking out, with its atmosphere recreating the feel of some of the traditional festive markets on the European mainland.

It offers a superb selection of delicious German treats, Christmas gifts, choral singing, indoor and outdoor performances and more.

Toronto is also popular with tourists during the holiday period, with around half a million people attracted each year by the outdoor skating rinks and seasonal events.

The festivities start in late November, with the iconic Cavalcade of Lights ceremony featuring the illumination of the Christmas tree in Nathan Phillips Square.

The event features performances from some of Canada’s top musical talent, an amazing firework display and many more activities for all the family.

Perhaps the most magical Christmas experience in Canada is at Niagara Falls, which really comes to life over the holiday season.

There are nightly fireworks throughout Christmas which spectacularly light up the falls, while the prospect of a snow-covered Niagara truly is a sight to behold.

Seven of the past 12 Christmases have been snowy in Ontario, highlighting why Niagara Falls is so popular during December.

If you love festive books like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the Nightmares Fear Factory is well worth a visit during the holiday season.

Reportedly built in an old coffin factor, the psychological haunted house is the oldest attraction of its kind in North America.

It is worth noting that while a large proportion of Canada offers a better than even chance of enjoying a snowy Christmas, some regions lag behind the rest.

British Colombia has experienced just two white Christmases in the last 12 years, while Nova Scotia has fared little better with three.

With the weather becoming increasingly difficult to predict, you may want to leave any travel decisions until the last minute, and there are plenty of options for entertainment such as these browser-based games if you are stuck in the middle of a long overlay or have to change your travel plans by a day or two.

Stay safe, enjoy the holidays, and here’s wishing you a white Christmas!