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What makes Vegas so popular

What makes Vegas so popular

Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the United States and one of the most popular tourist destinations. In 2019, approximately 42.52 million visitors traveled to Las Vegas.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons behind the city’s popularity and popular tourist activities. 

1. Its numerous world-class casinos
Las Vegas is mostly known for its world-class casinos.

The city’s reputation as a casino-haven is perpetuated through Hollywood films such as the ‘Ocean’s’ trilogy, ‘Percy Jackson’ and ‘The Hangover’.

The most famous casinos in the city include Aria Resort and Casino, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, and Wynn Las Vegas.

Each casino has its own particularity. Some casinos specialize in poker, others boast a great variety of slot machines, and some offer a larger gaming space.

Depending on one’s preferences, one casino might be more appealing than another.

With the increasing use of technology in the casino industry, one might also choose to visit a casino virtually.

Indeed, several apps such as Megaways casino, now replicate casinos virtually for gamers to enjoy from the comfort of their home. 

2. Famous artist residencies in Vegas
Las Vegas is also known for offering artist residencies to famous musicians.

These residencies mean that artists are paid to stay in one of their hotels and perform exclusively there.

Some of the most famous musicians who have performed in Las Vegas over a long period of time include Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Elton John.

Dion’s residencies in Las Vegas have been major successes, earning her the title of highest-grossing residency artist of all times in Vegas.

Her first concert residency in Las Vegas was called ‘A New Day…’ (2003-2007). It grossed over 385 million dollars.

Celine Dion was set to perform at the Resorts World Theatre in Vegas this year. However, she had to postpone her concerts due to health issues.

The British singer, Adele, is one of the latest world-renowned musicians to perform in Las Vegas.

She was on a residency contract from January to April 2022 and performed two days a week at Caesars Palace.

All of her shows quickly sold out after tickets went on sale.

With these different residencies, Las Vegas attracts music fans from all over the world. Through these artists, the city is also made famous internationally which increases its popularity. 

3. Its nightlife
Because of its variety of clubs and top-class DJ sets, the city is a prized destination for those celebrating their bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and other major events.

Some of the city’s most famous nightclubs include Apex Social Club, Drais, Omnia and Hakkansan Las Vegas.

Some of these nightclubs are found in Vegas’ iconic casinos, such as the Omnia nightclub which is located within Caesars Palace.

Similarly to the casinos, each nightclub has its reputation and particularity. Selecting a nightclub depends on one’s preferences.

As with famous musicians, Las Vegas also hosts DJ residencies to attract the best in the world.

Some of the most famous DJs to secure a residency in “Sin City” include: Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Peggy Gou, Kygo, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmokers.

As of 2019, the Chainsmokers were the highest-paid DJs to perform in Las Vegas, securing a contract of $46 million dollars.

4. Its excellent restaurants
Las Vegas not only attracts famous singers and DJs but also famous chefs.

Some of the most famous chefs with their restaurants in Las Vegas include Gordon Ramsay, Giada de Laurentiis, Nobu Matsuhisa, Mr Chow and Guy Savoy.

There are ten Michelin Star Restaurants in the city including ‘Joël Robuchon’, ‘Le Cirque’ and ‘Guy Savoy’.

Joël Robuchon who sadly passed away in 2018, was a French chef. He was known for being one of the world’s best cooks, winning several prestigious awards.

In 2016, Robuchon broke records when he became the chef with the most Michelin stars in history.

‘Joël Robuchon’ in Las Vegas can be found in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. It has won three Michelin stars, Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award.

‘Le Cirque’ can be found in the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. The restaurant was awarded one Michelin star, a AAA Five Diamond Award rating and Forbes Travel Guide 5 Star Rating.

The restaurant also offers refined French cuisine and a circus-themed space for diners.

Guy Savoy is a famous French chef, winner of several Michelin stars, who has chosen to open a restaurant in Las Vegas.

His eponymous restaurant is located in Caesars Palace. It has been awarded two Michelin stars and is ranked as one of the world’s best restaurants.

It offers exquisite French food and a romantic atmosphere with a view of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower.

Although some of the city’s best restaurants are French, there are other options for diners.  Many world-renowned international restaurants in Las Vegas specialize in other types of cuisine.

Visitors will find a restaurant to suit their budget and personal preferences in Las Vegas.

5. Its surrounding natural landscapes
On top of Las Vegas’ urban activities and sights, tourists also tend to appreciate the city’s surrounding natural landscapes.

Indeed, not too far from the city, visitors will find the Red Rock Canyon, the Bootleg Canyon and the Hoover Dam. 

The Bootleg Canyon is a beautiful desert near Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. It is famous for its Mountain Bike Park and its numerous biking trails.

The Red Rock Canyon is a popular destination for those looking to hike, bike or rock climb in a mesmerizing natural landscape.

The Hoover Dam is only a 30-minute drive from Las Vegas by car. It is the United States’ largest reservoir.

There are several activities for tourists centered around the Hoover Dam. These include kayaking and paddleboarding tours.

In this article, we have discussed some of the most popular tourist destinations and activities in Las Vegas. The city offers a large range of options to suit every visitor’s needs and accommodate each of their preferences.